The team is working with the government of Kaohsiung, Taiwan to develop strategies and a master plan for a waterfront revitalization in the city. Like much of Taiwan, the city industrialized quickly after World War II, eventually becoming the home of the largest port in the country and the 6th largest port in the world.  It is also a major manufacturing center and has been successful in attracting foreign investment related to industries such as oil refining, steel and aluminum production, and petrochemicals.

The city’s waterfront area contains an industrial park, shipyard, manufacturing exporting zone, fishing port, and other uses that present issues for public accessibility and livability. The city government recognizes the development potential of its waterfront, and has recently embarked on the Asian New Harbor project that aims to bring cultural attractions, conference centers, a passenger transit hub, and other major public projects to the area.

Our benchmarking study of the New York Waterfront will give us the background knowledge to identify problems and analyze Kaohsiung’s potential to become an environmentally sustainable, resilient, and vibrant waterfront city.

kaohsiung2006 International Competition of  Kaohsiung 1-22 Piers Waterfront — Perry Yang Studio, Epolis, EDAW (Sydney), l’AUC (Paris)


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