The 2014 International Waterfront Studio group is working with the Guangdong Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute, and the Management Committee of Shuidong Bay New City Construction to develop a master plan for the Nanhai Peninsula, part of the larger Shuidong Bay New City regional ring-city development strategy for the City of Maoming.

Maoming has its economic base in the oil refining and petrochemical industries, and the region is recognized as the energy hub of China.  Environmental and social issues, including pollution and congestion in the Old Town of Maoming, are driving interest in the development of a new city center toward the coastal region of Maoming.  Currently, the Nanhai Peninsula houses a substantial coal, petrochemical, and container port that plays a significant role in the energy and petrochemical industries in the region.  The peninsula also features established fishing and agricultural industries, smaller scale local manufacturing (especially in footwear), and traditional urban villages.  Recently, the peninsula saw the development of a temporary, though expansive, government center, as well as renewed interest in tourist developments.  The peninsula would like to continue to leverage its natural landscape resources for attracting continued tourism development, balancing this economic and physical growth and development with the ecological needs of the region.  The vision is one of a sustainable, livable eco-city that provides an attractive location for tourists while maintaining a high quality of life for residents.



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