Conceptual Design Group

Now in Phase II of the conceptual design process, the CD team is working on streamlining the three initial design proposals into a final, combined Master Plan.

CD Team working on the Misono Master Plan

Performance Modeling Group

PM Energy Subgroup

Last week we accomplished building performance modeling for office, residential and commercial uses and runoff calculations for Scenario II (a proposed alternative from the Eco Urban Lab at Tonji University), and a solar analysis for the entire Misono site as it exists today. Unrelated to energy, we also have learned techniques to convert Rhino models into CAD and GIS compatible files.

This week the  energy performance modeling team has been working on defining a net-zero community in the Misono context, which includes defining which energy uses are considered for “net-zero” qualifications, and defining the geographic boundary. Energy uses that will be considered are residential, commercial and transportation, and the geographic boundary is the entire Misono site. This is based on their modeling capabilities and suggestions from the U.S. Department of Energy’s guidelines on net-zero communities. Zach will be working on energy at the building performance level, Marcela will be working on energy considerations at the neighborhood/site level, and Revathi will be working on water and food connections to energy. Their group is looking at energy through the lenses of the food-energy-water nexus due to the interconnected nature of each subject. The PM Energy Subgroup is also working to test new modeling techniques on interim designs, such as “spatial daylight autonomy” measures which will improve the visualization for solar energy measurement.

PM Mobility Subgroup

The Mobility Team is working on a few items:

  • Integrating person flow data into modeling to inform pedestrian network recommendations
  • Site comparisons to similar case studies – how do their road and transit offerings compare with Misono?
  • Bus Rapid Transit connectivity – how to access Misono outside of existing rail network?
  • Transportation Demand Management & parking analysis

The Mobility team’s overall charge at this point is determining the impact of the Master Planned community on travel needs for our planned version of Misono.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.34.52 PM
Mobility Team capacity analysis framework

Community Engagement Group

The CE group’s survey is being distributed by our Japanese Partners and we have 13 responses so far from people living in and around Tokyo. The responses from the survey participants confirmed our idea that this plan should emphasize access to greenspace and public transportation. The CE group is now planning some activities for the community engagement workshop which will be held on Saturday, March 25 in Misono.

Smart City Computing Group

The Smart City Computing (SCC) group have been thinking about how smart infrastructure might be integrated with the designs. They are working on cross-section and plan designs of elements of the Master Plan where technologies and sensors can be deployed. Suzie has worked up a mock up for parking lots and how they might be changed. Zach have been working on putting together some precedent and technology studies to begin to incorporate into the design. The SCC group is planning on preparing a map indicating where smart city initiatives can be dispersed throughout the site. The group is also focused on designing louvers for the train station, as well as a smart parking map.


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