Conceptual Design

This week the Conceptual Design team concluded CD Phase I. Going forward into CD Phase II the group will be narrowing down schemes from three to two, establishing a set of values for each scheme and establishing road network organization. They will model basic geometry of a sample area on each scheme and cross check against LEED ND standards. Additionally, they will research typologies and think about how the typologies can apply to each concept.

Performance Modeling

This week the PM group worked in thier two subgroups: Building Energy and Mobility. The Building Energy subgroup honed in on their analysis skills, including converting Rhino to CAD to shapefiles, consolidating data, transforming elevation data to rasters (capturing 3D modeling), and troubleshooting with Rhino. The Mobility subgroup aggregated building uses to understand trip generation for our current area, as well as mode split based on train ridership data. Looking ahead, the Mobility group is working with CD to understand the scale and size of our proposed network.

Community Engagement

The CE group is working with our partners to figure out how to distribute our survey in advance of the workshop, while keeping up the website, instagram and facebook profiles.

Smart City Computing

The SCC group has come up with a number of interesting ideas for how to integrate smart features into our design. Below are two examples: (1) Using facade elements that can be reorganized as furniture within a plaza or park (2) Using smart city technologies to allow for the reorganization and access type of the street.




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