This week we took what we’ve learned so far to do a visioning workshop to come up with goals for our smart city site in Misono. First we participated in a gallery walk where we pinned up relevant case studies and proposals relevant to our specializations.


Next we did a design charrette using the World Café exercise–and interactive way to craft a set visions and goals for the Misono site area. It attempts to reflect our thoughts on a vision for Misono that is inclusive of existing and future residents and their needs. We split into three interdisciplinary teams and explored the following questions:

  1. Think about what you have learned about Misono so far and its role in the 2020 Olympics and beyond… What is your vision for the study area (not necessarily relating to your specific specialization)? What words/phases/pictures best summarize your vision? Think about transportation, urban form, smart technologies, and how these changes can function with the existing residents and the existing and future visitors to the Saitama Stadium.
  2. Question 2 – What aspects of transportation, urban form, and smart technologies will support those descriptors? Not necessarily changes, just what aspects of these categories should be present. Consider long-term and short-term aspects.
  3. What obstacles relative to transportation, urban form, and smart technologies will need to be overcome to arrive at a full-scale, inclusive smart city?

getfileattachment-8  getfileattachment-3

Our discussion stimulated lengthy dialogue and several creative ideas emerged. Our ideas can broadly be categorized under six broad umbrella- transportation, water network, public spaces, building, smart city technologies and miscellaneous. Though the exercise two overarching themes emerged as our guild our design and broader goals going forward.

  • Enabling connectivity between the ecosystem network and social structures/activities
  • Creating adaptable and flexible infrastructure for technologies without excluding surrounding communities

Next week we will integrate these themes and goals into our conceptual design and performance modeling work.


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