Shanghai-Location2Welcome again to the 2016 Waterfront Cities spring studio blog!

This year, like years before, the international studio has worked toward planning an ecologically self-sustaining site. The class was faced with a rare scenario in American planning, but perhaps a more common scenario abroad: planning an undeveloped and uninhabited site from scratch. Our goal was to model land and development options that would reduce the energy expenditures of our site, making it as close to “net-zero” as possible.

As we recount the semester, you will observe our strengths and challenges throughout the planning process. You will also see our findings. We invite you to reflect on the planning issues we faced. Perhaps you might have taken the process in a different direction, or considered factors that were not considered here. As students, we are continuously questioning what future cities should look like, and how they should function to be more people and environment friendly. So, please follow along and reflect with us. We hope this semester overview will engage and inspire you.





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