We are now clear about the framework of the team operation in this stage. The studio will target on producing a hypothetical proposal before the Taiwan field trip. This is the initial team profile–we will make modifications in the future as we see fit.

1. Policy group, focusing on Free Economic Zone, a review of its concept, global best practices and a planning framework for Kaohsiung – Sinan, Liwei

2. Design group: Johnny, Canon, Dawn, Sherene, Rebecca

North bank Piers 1-12: Dawn, Sherene and Rebecca – to develop conceptual urban design for the creative design industry and small-medium size business community. The public spatial framework has been clearly set, as you can see in your sketches as well as my 2006 International competition submission. We aim for visualizing the unique waterfront quality, maritime image, industrial and port feature by adaptive reused design strategy to provide an adaptable, flexible framework and detailed quality for accommodating diverse groups and programs. The design should demonstrate the shaping of a stimulating innovative working environment, waterfront as a public urban room and a display stage of creative design industry.

South bank Piers 13-22: Johnny and Canon – to define urban form and strategy of the core area of the Free Economic Zone, an “off-shore financial center” that is in priority agenda of the Kaohsiung City Government, with a political tension to Central Government. Urban design as a development proposal would define its function, scale and then the physical organization of the special district. Interpretation of values and interested from multiple stakeholders will be the key, including  the city government, central government, stakeholders (like those state-owned corporation) and international investors and local community.

3.  Zoning Group– City GIS Laboratory group: Daniel, Lauren, Rebecca, Liwei, Sinan and Steven

To examine Kaohsiung’s current zoning system, their problems and limitation, and then propose a revised system that is performance based and then deal with urban design quality control. This job may define one of the most significant impact of Georgia Tech’s work to Kaohsiung’s current planning and its waterfront.

3D GIS as the City Laboratory/The zoning and rezoning modeling of Kaohsiung: We will build a data, performance analysis and scenarios planning modeling from “existing”, “current zoning model” to “rezoning model”.  — North bank by Daniel and Rebecca; South bank by Lauren, Sinan, Liwei and Steven; Daniel to coordinate the 3D GIS system management.

NYC Zoning models and best practices: Lauren (Overlay zoning systems, special district planning) and Daniel (rezoning). Lauren to coordinate the NYC zoning model and case study chapter


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